About the Author:

B. Tyler Burton is a Bay Area fiction writer and also the former organizer of the Lit Night “Attention Span Therapy”, and the publication of the same name.

He is currently working on Lamplight Webdesign  (http://lamplightwebdesign.com), a Web Design and Development startup, and a novel about Drugs, Sex & Bike Messengering in San Francisco, working title: “Down Stroke & Shift” which you can find him workshopping on unsuspecting listeners at various readings about the Greater Bay Area.

He has been published at In the Fray Magazine, Ascension Quarterly, Death of a Scenester, Attention Span Therapy and Cincinnati’s CityBeat newspaper.

Assembled below are some links to things available online:

• The Robots Below
• ‘Picasso, My Pal, You Stabbed Me, Drank My Wine, and now You’re Leaving with my Wife. What Happened?
• Show Me the Way to Go Home

• The Pleasant Rush of Three Doors Opening at Once