WeatherMole is the Best Lil Weather Mash-Up I’ve Seen in Awhile…

My granddad was a weatherman for the government nearly all his life so when he recommends you check out for your weather it’s pretty much a no brainer to do what he says. And I’ve been doing just that for over a decade. Their apps suck, but their data is excellent so I dealt with it.

Yet, here, behold the beauty of the API, and WeatherMole, the best little weather app I’ve found to bookmark and save on my phone. IP geolocation, temperature graphs. The works.

Transitoriness being the nature of API’s, and upgrades being a reality in this world, who knows what’ll happen to the Google Maps integration after May 19th of this year, or perhaps even the whole experiment itself if the function that gets the location is tied to the maps as well; that part at least is leveraging the Version 2 API, which is being sunsetted after nearly three years of deprecation. I know about this because I’m working on switching over an account of ours to the same Version 3, a radical rewrite, to say the least, and naturally done at the last minute.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But until May 19th. There’s WeatherMole!



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