10.8 Mountain Lion blacklisting apps with new Gatekeeper function

This is interesting:

From: the Red Sweater Blog:

Exceptional Apps:

But VMware also earns the distinction of being the only app in the file to take advantage of a keyed value “VersionRange”:


I don’t know exactly how this is interpreted, but I suspect it’s a range of bundle versions that should be considered incompatible with the system. In this case, I suspect Apple has determined that there is a problem with a specific version of VMware Fusion 5. They can’t set the minimum version to the latest version of VMware without cutting out support for 4.1.3, so the VersionRange technique lets them surgically remove support for this specific version.

So, there’s a new policeman on the block. And the plist for this policeman is quite exceptional indeed.


As my own Core2Duo is incompatible with Mountain Lion, I don’t know how relevant this is going to be for me for awhile, but it is an interesting development.

A new wall in the garden has gone up. It may be a good thing, and it may not, but it certainly wasn’t there before. So, take note…


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