Suck it, Grandpa!

jQuery 2.0 JavaScript framework to drop support for IE 6, 7, and 8 | Ars Technica.

The jQuery project’s pragmatic approach to phasing out legacy IE support will serve the needs of Web developers and end users. But it also illuminates the challenges that can arise from having to support old versions of Microsoft’s Web browser.

Oh dear lawd what great news! Now if my client wants some jQuery in their lil’ site I can just say, Nope, don’t need to code for that old bullshit.

Thank you, jQuery, your status as World HeavyWeight Web Script Champion of the World, and our shared disdain for non-standard browsing experiences and crazeee mid-night hacks, might just be the kick in the ass the Dev industry needs. Or at least it’s a bulletproof excuse for why you aren’t scanning the forums trying to hack together some non-standard CSS to just get the damn image to appear.

No IE 9? Well then, dear Client you get no fancy pants sliders then.
No discussion? No problem.


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