Web Dev’n A’int Exactly Heaven, But I Like It…

Things have been pretty stagnant over here at the old Jabberlope. Not much moving besides the occasional prairie dog or two, and the tinkling of a web query for the photo of the homeless man popping up here and there in several google image searches.

always remember to close your head...

Which is not to say I haven’t been busy. Website design has become my salaried bread and butter; and while I’m feeling a bit tired and overworked, it’s not half bad, honestly; I’m actually learning something. Still, being the lone internet cowboy in a small outfit is tough, and boy would it be great to have a HUMAN mentor to bounce things off of. In lieu of that, I’ve got Google, and I kind of muddle along,  And sometimes, in IT, that huge particular problem comes down to a very helpful tweak of a setting or two.

So, in the interest of keeping this this space alive, and perhaps saving a few lone gun slingers on far flung shores from scratching their heads for longer than they have to, I’m going to be posting a few quick tips to things that blew my brain’s circuits out the wrong way first before I figured out it was a simple binary solution.

I hope you enjoy the change of content.

I’m always blogging for fun over at “More People Like Us”, so come check me out and leave a comment or two.

BT Burton


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