Fix MAMP’s Sticky FTP Problem with Local WordPress Installs Quick

Time to fix: 2 mins
Time spent looking for a fix: 8 hours

WordPress User electronicink has the perfect solution for getting the FTP working on your local WordPress install, which is all the more important now that WordPress has gone to automatic updates. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be in the clear.

How to get around the auto plug in issues with MAMP:

You need to activate your ‘File Sharing’ in sys prefs.
Select ‘Options…’ button and tick ‘Share files and folders using FTP’.
Make a note of the FTP address ( format).
Click ‘Done’.

Return to MAMP Pro.
Highlight your ‘wordpress’ site folder in ‘Hosts’ ‘General’ tab.
Select ‘Permissions…’ button.
Change ‘Owner’ popup button to ‘www’.
Change ‘Group’ popup button to ‘www’.
Click ‘Set’.

Finally get back to the plug in page where it asks you for your FTP details.
Enter your FTP details.
FTP Host will be just the number you noted earlier
Username and password is the database Username and password you set up in phpmyadmin for your wordpress site

I hope it works for you all now.


Yahoo! And it works, just like that!


10 responses to “Fix MAMP’s Sticky FTP Problem with Local WordPress Installs Quick

  1. Marco, I think the articles on this are a little confusing. (

    Apple’s dropping out-of-the-box front-end FTP support but you will always be able to FTP from the command line or with a 3rd party FTP client.

    I use Cyberduck:

    Some people I know prefer FileZilla.

    Both are FREE.


  2. Thanks Tyler – does cyberduck allow me to setup ftp on the Mac – I thought it’s just an FTP client?

  3. Hi,

    i would like to comment that for me that Changing ‘Owner’ popup button to ‘www’ and changing ‘Group’ popup button to ‘www’ in my MAMP Pro was already enough!

    No need to set ftp sharing or whatever else.

    I’m on Leopard with mamp pro btw

    thx for the post!

  4. @Alex – glad to help. 😉

    @Marco – I think I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what you’re trying to do. I have yet to upgrade to Lion (holding out b/c a key app of mine is still using Rosetta) but I’d recommend following this forum:

    SFTP and SSH seem viable alternatives. And FTP is not going away it’s just being relegated under the hood (no more GUI).

    Once I get myself a post-Rosetta Adobe suite I’ll be hanging there right with you all. I’ll post links to updated info as I come across them.


  5. Hey thank you so much for this! I used this method and used afp from the system prefs, didn’t need an ftp client.
    Thanks again, hero.

  6. In fact, I just fixed my own MAMP after the 2.0.5 upgrade by following these same instructions.

    >FYI FTW!

    @Josh – Always glad to help! Nothing is more frustrating than bad IT advice on the Internet. Believe me!! LOL.

    Confirmed: WORKS…
    OS X Lion
    MAMP 2.0.5

  7. I got this working, however I can’t edit any files without changing the ownership back. I guess there’s no way around that, huh?

  8. Thanks – this was a great fix for me.
    Sadly I recognised the “8hr looking for a fix, 2 mins to fix it!”. You saved me some pain, but not all of it! :o)

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