Rationalope: or, the Japperlope gets Technical

Dear Readers and Visitors to this Humble Web Space,

I have left this blog long languishing in limbo, and feeling somewhat guilty for cheating on it with my newer, sleeker Tumblr URL (which has since become my favorite residence for new fiction), have been thinking about what indeed I should do with this space, as I have been for so long operating under this handsome pseudonym, the Jabberlope.

Does one strip the redirect off and paste it to the new blog? No, I thought, that just doesn’t sound right. I can’t  slap Jabberlope onto More People Like Us, that wouldn’t be fair to either domain.

So it hit me: why not bring back the old Jabberlope as an arena for more science and less fiction? And so it will be. I hope to lend my take on the Fukushima disaster by way of an introduction, but if that doesn’t come to fruition it will certainly be something interesting.

Stay tuned, then, and don’t fret. You can always find more of my new fiction over at “More People Like Us”, my new “travel” blog, which resides at http://morepeoplelikeus.tumblr.com Here, then, will be a place to sit back and really nerd out.

Dark lasers, fast breeders, suction cups made of living organisms.
That’s only the beginning.

So strap on your strap-on’s and your goggles, and let’s get educated!

The Jabberlope


One response to “Rationalope: or, the Japperlope gets Technical

  1. Hi Jabberlope

    I am having a break. Blogging was getting too much; too technical and too many lies; what we need are honest to goodness real life stories of real people.

    Do us some. And leave all the bull to the politicians and the lawyers.

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