A Night at the Farmhouse

Oh to skip and sing and smile in the frost frozen rural Miami landscape at 3+AM and not a car in sight. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Stumbling and singing to the sun porch and there’s the barn cat purring his lovies into your lap, his soft paws kneading as you sit to take a breather. Brother passed out on the sofa, ok… it’s time for bed, I said.

Happy Hunting in the Fresh Season, and may You find yourself in that perfect spot where time coalesces like a soft pudding and all the happy things rain down on you though the weather (and the weathering) may be, at times, tads inclement.

–The Jabberlope / 2011


3 responses to “A Night at the Farmhouse

  1. Hi there Jabberlope

    Your Post arrived at the right time because I needed company and had not heard from you in a long time.

    You sound like you may be in the same age group I am in [I was seventy past August] and older folks need mature company at times. I liked this Post; it sounds like the way we grew up.

    But snow in Florida this time of the year? I remember, when was it, ’83 or ’84 when the black frost wiped the citrus industry out in Florida in one night?

    Don’t be quiet for so long this time. I still have your first Post I read about being the biggest liar in the World; please do some more.

    And in case you are interested this is what I Posted for 2011 special to a few good people I got to know.


    Good hunting and a happy life for you too.

    • Ike, so sorry it has taken me ages (at least in internet terms) to reply. Live has been one crazy set of ups and downs and jostlings back and forth for the past month but I have to say I’ve kept it in the back of my mind to respond at some point to your comment.

      I’m real glad you like my writing, and as one of the first people to step out of the intersphere and say so I certainly want to let you know how great it is to get your comments. I mean, that’s what we do this for, right?

      What makes me laugh long and hard and pour another glass of scotch is that you say I sound like I’m seventy-four when in reality I’m forty years shy of that. I did grow up in a time warp, with an ice cream parlor and a bowling alley and a bakery, so that probably accounts for something, but yeah, I guess I just got a thing for the classics.

      To clear up a few things: Miami was Miami of Ohio. It’s a college town just north of Cincinnati- where I hail from- and where I was visiting over the holidays. And the thing with the GMT signature: well, thanks for pointing that out. I think it’s a toggle switch somewhere in the blog here.

      Let me check the ship for leaks and set it to the West Coast, as that’s where I am currently. Bay Area, just south of Berkeley, in some sweet new digs (I’m still unpacking!) In the meantime, you should check out my new side project, which I’ve been updating far more frequently than this:


      It’s more short posts, things I can get done over coffee. Not to say I’m abandoning the longer pieces. Got a few in the queue and will let you know when they’re cooked. I’ve also bookmarked your blog and will check out more of it.


  2. Howdy Jabberlope

    I don’t mean to bother you and it may be one of these Internet things [that I don’t know much about] but I am curious.

    When my previous comment was posted I noticed the time of it was Greenwich [England] minus 4 and it made me wonder if it was the servers or what. I know people should not bother each other by asking for your street number, city and all that sort of thing but I have a good grasp of World Geography and wondered which part of the World you posted from. You mentioned Miami in your Post and I automatically took that to mean Miami FL USA.

    If you don’t mind letting me know, but if you want me to jump in the lake I shall do that. It will be darn nice too where I am sitting in a murderous heat wave on the Southwest Coast of South Africa right now. The recorded time of my comment appears to place your receiving server somewhere two hours east of me, and probably in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I am just an old guy who Blogs for my personal amusement and to crack jokes about the politicians.


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