The long long road

Good morning, Jabberlopers… It has been awhile since the last blog update and I know how it gets out there in the Wasteland. An occasionally updated blog is like an empty farm house, a single light burning low and a leftover plate of cookies out on the table. You keep checking back to see if anything’s changed, because you sense a bit of life lingering around on the fringes, but nothing.

That’s the problem with turning your blog into a showcase for fiction; it just doesn’t come out as often, or as prettily as one would like. Begin working on something longer, like a novel, and you’ve basically committed yourself to going down the rabbit hole and not coming back for at least a year.

Well, it’s been a long while, and the Jabberlope is finally surfacing for air. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to have a few snippets from the now, fully drafted book to share with you, some “tips”, some hard fought chapters, some questions for you, too, readers. Because I know how valuable your time is and how much there is to read. Why struggle through fiction stale as a cracker when the world itself grows more fictitious by the day?

It’s only just last night that I finally began a work of worthy fiction that isn’t older than I am. My hats are 3/4 the way off for Jonathan Lethem’s “Chronic City” (there’s just this fuzzy bit about his girlfriend being an astronaut that strikes me as off). So far. I’ll keep you updated.

When I began this blog, I was shooting posts all over the map. Physics, space, politics and environmental justice. It was fun, but I had no point to fix my compass on. I actually expect to go back to some of the more far-out astronomy: dark stars and cannibalizing worm-holes, along with some more spur of the moment fiction, be it tumbled smooth or rough and unpolished, but I just wanted to let you know this little enclave was still broadcasting, and that I’d be putting out fresh cookies soon.

Until then, check out some of my fiction here. In lieu of a tip, leave a comment instead.

-b. tyler


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