On the Budget Crises Facing the World

I saw today from the window the protesters as they walked, some hundreds strong, and making quite a noise, but we all agreed we didn’t think their messaging was adequate. “Education must be FREE” ?? No, sorry, buddy, nothing is free, we said, not being jaded but just realistic. Maybe Knowledge, yes, that should be free, and the pursuit of it guaranteed by a just society; but Education must come at a cost: be it taxes or tarheels, when the rubber meets the road we can’t just get everything for free and then cave when AT&T asks us for $90 bucks a month to have the internet a’twitter in our palms. The luxuries we have all become accustomed to are eroding the core of what we have failed to sustain.

I saw kids on my way to the bank as they trickled away, their arms tied with red ribbon, and none of them looked anything but hopeful; it was just the damn riot raisers on the podiums I was more ashamed of. The ones who are too old to know that anger never works.

Unless you’re talking about anywhere else in the world: like Indonesia, or Greece or Ireland (soon, they say)… When they bail out the banks there, people know how to stand up and give a proper response. Here, we just talk about them like you do a bully – behind their backs, or from the safe distance of a stage, or the comforts of the barrio. Not in the halls of power, to their face; or on the streets: not like Tehran.

Then again, I do like knowing that the chance of bulletfire is predictably low. I guess I”m just soft that way.


2 responses to “On the Budget Crises Facing the World

  1. Some here in WA took to the inside of buildings to make noise and bang on classroom doors to disrupt those who did choose to participate in classes the university was paying for us to be in. It’s fine to protest in a public space, even if the public space you choose is not actually the site of the action your protesting, but once you’re inside a building, you’re just being a douchebag.

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