IT lifts me up…

So I weathered a great sea change at work and have come out swinging… When my bosses asked me one year ago to take on the accounting–in a very minor way–I stepped up to the challenge; warily, to be sure, but nonetheless I didn’t let my lack of confidence in my own organizational abilities get the better of my confidence in my ability to separate the disorganization of my personal life with what was to be expected of me at work. Accounting to me was a video game-like challenge to balance down to zero at the end of the day, and I endured it. Wind the clock forward a couple of months and suddenly one company was imploding and here I was left managing the ghost ship of our polling firm while everyone else was let go and we became solely an environmental public policy unit. Now, finally, I am part of that group and tasked with managing the IT and website development. Like that often-reenacted scene from the Godfather, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…” And I’m not talking my job, I’m talking IT. I guess I’m good at this, and what better thing to be good at these days (liver harvesting, maybe?). At any rate, I’m back to reading code, not yet a Terminal junkie but getting there, and I’m feeling much better than I was during the dark days of accounting.

Just thought I’d give an update from behind the curtain…


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