Notes From the Cooler

Just recently, I cleaned up my desk; or, I should say, I began to clean up my desk. Because it’s not yet rightly even what some would say organized at this point, and here and I am writing about how I’ve cleaned it and that is just patently untrue.

For those who know me, and my desk, or have desks like such of your own that are so entrenched by things that you’re not yet ready to throw away but have found no alternate place for, you might enjoy the somewhat temporary and odd solution I have employed for the past few years that solves, at least, the problem of all those stray bits of paper I jot ideas down on and just leave strewn about.

For the last several years, I have been tearing off the excess and throwing these scraps, or even sometimes whole notebooks, into an old green plastic picnic cooler. I dredged this cooler up a few days ago and opened it, as I hadn’t for some time, and the smell of six month old air filtered out. And there is something about the odor of those white plastic coolers that just puts me in a happier place. Maybe its the smell of vacation?

While I looked down into this vat of ideas layered in strata going back years, I had an idea. I mean, I’ve been keeping these things…Why not actually do something with them? Now that’s an idea!

Why not share them, finger though them. Of course, I’m not under any delusions. But you never know.

For the foreseeable future, in any case, I’m planning on dredging. And you’re coming with me, dear reader. Because there’s nothing worse than a lonely walk down memory lane.

I hope you do enjoy these “Notes from the Cooler”.


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