The Organ Grinder

Used to be in the movie theater, before the show, there was a musical introduction, be it from a simple piano stashed to the side of the screen or, in the more reputable houses, an organ would rise from the depths to grind out a few tunes before the picture began.

Well, here at the Jabberlope I don’t much have the budget for those things; but I did find this guy on Twitter, who was willing to work for a few Steel Reserves and a handful of steel wool.


I wanted to say something about the new refresh of the and all the seven thousand six hundred and fifty-four reasons you should add it to your RSS reader and pluck down your eyeballs from time to time when the occasional update comes through: but here I got drunk and forgot...

Cptn. Corn Panties will be here all week. Please direct all donations to the waste bin around back of the Chinese take-out joint.


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