Now that I got Twitter

Two bums sit under an over-pass, a torrent of rain flushes everything beyond the little concrete shelter. One of the bums sits furiously typing away on a small electronic device. “Hey, what you got there?” the other bum asks. The first says, “Shh, quiet,” until he is done pecking out a few more strokes, then he turns to his friend and says, “Now that I got this here Twitter the whole world comes to me. Watch this.” A few moments later a car rolls by and a white guy with nice glasses and no tie rolls down the window. In his hand is a bag of fruit. “Say,” the white guy says, “I thought you might need this.” The bum walks up to the car and takes the bag of oranges and tells the white guy thanks and he drives away. Later, the second bum speaks with a mouth full of oranges, “Say, that’s impressive,” and they both laugh.


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