Breakingthrough the Noise

I work for a great company called the Breakthrough Institute. My two bosses, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus wrote an amazing thesis called the Death of Environmentalism, which argued that global warming, unlike the rest of the problems faced by the environmental movement thus far (like CFC’s and other specific pollutants), was bigger than just a small tweak here or there. For the atmosphere to chill out, it’s basically decarbonize or bust. And that requires large public investment.

The book they went on to publish would advocate for the same, while coupling it with social science research done by our partner firm American Environics, a public opinion and social science research think-tank which I also work for (it’s complicated, but we all share the same projects: one company grew out of the other. To make it fun, we share the office with a third company, who’s (almost) completely unrelated–except for the fact that they field our data survey. These wacky interconnected times!!)

In between balancing the books, and managing the office and keeping the server running I also sometimes find the time to pen a blog or two about what’s fucked today with climate policy or social science. I try not to make any jokes, as that is paramount to not being an unserious dude–as unserious dudes, it seems, cannot be serious about changing the world. It’s like wearing a suit at church was in the 1950’s. But if that’s what ya gotta do, then that’s what ya gotta do, right? (Let a few slip by occasionally, but who’s counting…) Walk the walk, brother. No use yammering at the gates if all you got to do is to cut your hair and put on a nice natural fiber shirt and then you can at least get the media on your side.

Sure, I would like to be playing a more analytical and prosaic role, as opposed to managing the books. But I’ve been a greenie to the core, and a dissatisfied one for nearly half that. As such, given the opportunity, it feels great to be a part of something unique. Plus, I can turn out a pretty good blog post or two, given the chance.

Check out my stuff here, collectively. (

Also, what I’ve done for American Environics here. (


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