So Fresh Y So Clean

Good Morning, Bienvenido, Wie geht dir? Welcome to the new “Wonderful World of the Jabberlope”. I hope you like the new site update. I find far too little time to blog these days, mostly because I’ve realized that 92% of the time I’m just rehashing shit that’s already been said, and if that’s the case then, I realized, I can do that in less that 140 characters almost 94% of the time.

Speaking of, you can follow me on twitter at

And until I can figure out how to get WordPress to import my twitter feed directly into my blog, I plan to use this space here, then, for things that require more than just 140 characters; which is pretty much anything but the most rudimentary sentence structure and the most straight-forward point of view. Also, finally and for the first time, I’ve started to put my fiction writing front and center, which, for a fiction writer, is something of what you might call a step in the right direction. 

Until the next time…

UPDATE :: The RSS feed is now live. Join here.


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