Mac vs. PC / Spy vs. Spy / Alien vs. Predator :: Can’t we all just get along?

Your move, spiny...

Your move, spiny...

Human nature loves the conflict. It’s in our blood to fight; and besides it makes for really good art. Where would any of our major works of art be without the good, family splitting, strife-inducing conflict? Recently, I’ve been noticing that the best works almost always revolve around the near extinction narrative (Battlestar Galactica and Lost come instantly to mind) and that when said works deviate from that apocalyptic threat they do so at the peril of losing our attention––remember the diamond thieves episode on Lost?

In fact, I’m starting to wonder if the threat of apocalypse is really all that art is about: the greatest break-up, the longest war, the darkest night?? … Well, we try to establish these things like painfully guilty pleasures in our fiction so we don’t have to play them out in real life. Hopefully.

Oh, and the pic. Some Kiwi TV site promotion for AVP nite. This one of the nice couple playing pool is also nice (via io9)



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