Adopt a Word…for only pennies a day

all the lonely wordlings...

“Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the dictionary. Old words, wise words, hard-working words. Words that once led meaningful lives but now lie abandoned and forgotten”

The above is text from the site , a website that aims to rescue, one by one, the many words that have fallen out of daily use in our pepetually forward-moving society.

It’s not like the Christian Children’s Fund. The adopted words will not come knocking in the dead of night, nor will their representatives come calling during dinnertime… But as you hover over each word they will exclaim aloud “Yo, pick me!” And when you do get around to adopting your word of choice they send a swank certificate of commitment to your email.

And what’s more fun than some good old fashioned antipelargy? You adopt orphan words and commit to using them in your daily speech and they help by giving you a greater vocabulary beyond “juxtaposition”.

Coincidentally, antipelargy was my first adoptee. It means “reciprocal or mutual kindness”. So I say:

Engage in antipelargy today. Buy a cute member of the opposite sex a drink, rub your partner beneath the sheets, or just smile on the streets at someone and maybe they’ll buy you, rub you, smile at you back…

Try it out, already. You don’t want to be a lardlet, now do you?


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