Another One of Those Wam-V’s

The WAM-V Proteus boat is one of those things I saw long back before I started this blog,  and I filed away in some folder marked “AWESOME”. After seeing it pop-up on sfgate, and boingboing I figured the word was out.

All your other sails and paddles is for pussies.

All your other sails and paddles are useless against me.

But maybe someone out there has not seen this thing, I thought. This thing that truly passes the test of awesomeness and excellence. This is what they mean by disruptive techonologies. I saw a PBS special with Ugo Conti, the WAM-V’s inventor (achived here) and its as much his story that’s as interesting as the boat’s. I mean, this guy built this thing in his backyard, out of spare parts, for 200k. Now that hard-core, ingenere! (and again here)

and (by far the best link) here:

In 1975, Conti left his research job at the University of California at Berkeley, sold everything he owned, and bought a fifty-foot wooden ketch to sail around the world with his wife and their four-and-a-half-year-old son.

Take that, Thor Heyerdahl!

UPDATE: KQED (San Francsico) is playing the WAM-V special again this Tuesday night (1.13.09) at 730pm!


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