The $42 Simply Good Fiction Contest

Happy New Year everyone! You survived the hangover. I guess, tomorrow, it’s back to business as usual. That’s one part of the holidays I always hate. I want them to last forever; or, at least, until the ground thaws.

Then again, do I really want to stumble out of bed at noon every day and get as far as putting on my robe before I snuggle into the couch to surf the websites whose writers aren’t too hungover to blog surprisingly? Well, maybe just a little; but not really.

Still, it is nice to have that 2 week bender we call ChristmasNewYears to depend on, isn’t it?

Cousin Eddie's Got the Right Idea

Cousin Eddie's Got the Right Idea

To help us recuperate, man has created deadlines. Because everyone needs a little kick in the ass every once in awhile.

In that same spirit of the New Year, I have made this one resolution: to create a Simply Good Fiction Contest, with a prize of $42. I will quick be forthcoming with the details; but first let me explain why I would want to give away $42 of my dollars to someone else’s fiction.

  1. There is the obvious Hitchhiker’s Guide synchronicity.
  2. 42 is also the second sphenic number to be bracketed by twin primes (according to Wikipedia).
  3. Plus, 21 X 2 = 42 ; and that kind of sends a signal (though I don’t really know what it means): youth X 2…?
  4. $1764 is out of my price range, whereas I can spare $42.
  5. The world could always use more fiction, and another fiction contest; and it allows me to set the deadline for April 20th and claim reliably that it doesn’t have anything to do with marijuana.
  6. The buddha told me to do it (no, not really).
  7. For how long it takes to create a good story, $42 is nothing, but it’s a little better than $0.
  8. Someone out there has a story they’re sitting on that they can’t get published, but would also love the benefit of $42 in addition to the thrill of publishing.
  9. It is worth it just to write someone a $42 check for creating something.
  10. It gives me an excuse to throw the Simply Good Fiction Contest Party on May 2, 2009 at the Ruby Room in Oakland, CA; where I will be buying the winner (should they choose to attend) exactly one shot of the well liquor of their choosing, and, should they not attend due to reasons of geography or conscience, I will be photographing myself consuming the aforemetioned shot, with a stand-in double of my choosing, and then I will be mailing you the prints.
  11. 6 x 9 = 42
  12. I love fiction enough to write the muse a check. I figure I owe her.


So there you have my reasons. Here, at long last, are the guidelines.

  • There is no fee to enter
  • It can be in any format, just so long as its good
  • 5000 words max (though you can charm me with 500)
  • The absolute deadline is 04/20 at midnight PST
  • All stories should be submitted via email to
  • In return, I ask for one-time internet publishing rights

There’s the schema. Hear that, internets?!

Now, surprise me!


4 responses to “The $42 Simply Good Fiction Contest

  1. How do you give the winner 42 dollars (check in the mail kind of thing?)
    It is dollars right and not a boarders gift card?

    • Yes, we are still on dollars here. No yuan or Euro for us. $42 genuine American Simoleans. Real money, not fictitious cash here!!

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