My Galaxy Can Beat Up Your Galaxy

the top 5 videos of 2008 at the New Scientist compiled into one youtube link misses one IMHO:

This round-up of the top five user selected videos from New Scientist in 2008 is simply amazing and abzolutely worth sharing. I can’t at all pick a favorite between:

  • Japanese Scientists Recreate Shockwave Traffic Jams
  • Rat Brain Cells Power Robots
  • 2000 year old computer recreated
  • Deepest Snailfish Filmed
  • or Human Egg Caught on Film Leaving the Ovaries

But I do feel it misses the mark in one very big way. These things, while amazing, are merely of a global signficance. Forgive me, if I’m inclined to direct your attention to this matter of galactic proportions…

“Galaxy fires powerful particle beam at neighbor”

A jet of hot gas and high-energy particles is shooting out from the core of a galaxy called 3C321 and hitting a neighbour. … “We expect a jet to be a pencil beam of emission, but we saw it flaring, and wondered what was going on,” says lead author Daniel Evans of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US.

Unfortunately, there’s no sound. But, seriously. When one galaxy is caught firing a particle beam into another one, then what’s next? The big bang questioned on counts of tax fraud? Dare I say, we can at least brag that we in the Milky Way aren’t cut from the same cloth???

Get the New Scientist’s fairly great take on this here.


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